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Tech Developer. Creator. Human.

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One part of the Universe discovering itself.

Creator of the self-hosted, open source, personal alternative to Patreon.

Writer, Researcher & Game Developer of ‘ABSTRACTION’ – the introspective, playable action RPG enabling the discovery of the aspects of ourselves we’ve lost along the way.

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The disconnection we feel may be the degree with which society disconnects us from ourselves.“

Philosophical Mentors
& Persuasive Voices

My Ambitions.

Engage society as an equal; not as a resource.

Contribute meaningfully and be valued for doing so.

Assist others to engage what they find meaningful.

Schedule my days as I determine to be best.

Use technology to accomplish my goals.

Help you accomplish the same.

Follow my journey.

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My Development Work Is Built Upon these following Principles.

Build upon open source.

Always avoid paid subscriptions.

Own your software infrastructure.

Own your livelihood.

Always avoid corporate capture.

Be the change you want to see.

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