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Customer Lists in a Combined CRM & CMS

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Customers can cross your path from any direction – through your newsletter, your Woocommerce store, a paid membership plan, even a website signup. Store them together in one database using Autonomy & Agency’s CRM.

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I use my CRM to keep all of my info together in one place. It’s great for me because it aggregates my Woocommerce Customers, Newsletter Subscribers, WordPress Registered Users into one database along with their transactions and which newsletters they subscribe to.

You can use Autonomy & Agency’s integrated CRM anyway you like. You can add tags to each contact. You can track which companies your contacts work for. You can even create & assign quotes & invoices to specific contacts (which can be e-mailed to them or accessed by them via the CRM’s built-in client portal). If your organization is large enough to employ a team – there’s a fully-featured task assignment and management scheduler built into the core of the CRM.