Real-time relighting of a flatly lit source video, placed into a virtual environment using Unity Game Engine.

Real-time Game Engines are blending real-world creative ambitions with virtually unlimited possibilities.

Stories that once required (a minimum of) hundreds of thousands of dollars and prohibitively large crews are now able to be told from the desk of just one creative individual with access to time and imagination.

Game engines (the likes of Unreal and Unity) condense workflows once spanning across multiple departments down to a single workstation belonging to a single creative mind.

Physics and particle simulations, real-time lighting, water simulation, virtual cameras, photorealistic (and stylized) environments, along with spatial audio place an incredible toolkit into the hands of independent filmmakers, like myself.

Hi 👋, my name is Rick. I explore storytelling capabilities using virtual production – an emerging technology removing friction from creativity and independent cinema.

Virtual Production comprises a collection of tools & techniques including:

  • Virtual Cameras syncing to and controlled from iPhones.
  • Real-time Virtual Lighting simulating day, night, mood & tone.
  • Three Dimensional Worlds emerge from 3D geometry & imagination.
  • Real-time Compositing for believable, on-set compositing.
  • Physics engines to ground the unbelievable into reality.
  • Water simulation & buoyancy for seascapes, rivers, & pools.
  • Global Illumination for authentic indirect lighting behavior.
  • Chroma-Keying brings real performances into the imagination.
  • Atmospherics & Fog generate richly textured worlds.
  • Animation Workflows key-frame movement through 3D space.
  • Timelines bring non-linear editing into the third-dimension.
  • Sequences organize complex film projects by scene & shot.
  • Recorder exports creations in any resolution.
  • This list goes on, but you get the exciting point!

Here👇🏼 are a few of my quick and early experiments demonstrating the capabilities of virtual production storytelling for filmmakers.

Behind The Scenes Walk-Through of a (very early) virtual production workflow test.
Live performance composite of actor into virtual environment.
Fully computer generated world, vegetation, wind simulation, characters, & animation & lighting.
“Behind the curtain” look inside of the Unity Engine.
Early relighting test for a flatly lit green screen source video. Shadows 100% virtual.

Sharing Knowledge with others through YouTube Tutorials is something I do!

Early relighting test for a flatly lit green screen source video. Shadows 100% virtual.
Early relighting test for a flatly lit green screen source video. Shadows 100% virtual.

What are you working on? Could my skillset, knowledge, & toolkit help you attain your goals?

Creativity loves community. I’m always open to conversations about collaboration.

Send me a hello. Write me a message. Tell me about the exciting things you’re working on!

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