WordPress preconfigured for paid subscriber tiered membership plans, merch sales, donation campaigns, podcasting, live streaming, video content channels, plus push notifications and newsletters. No fuss. No muss.

It’s a singular software title aggregating all of the business capabilities you want as a content creator + all of your audience data and revenue streams funneled into one internally integrated CRM. A content creator’s business in a box.

It’s mobile first software. Create, publish, manage, and interact from iOS and Android, natively. 

It’s lightweight and optimized for high scores relating to Google web core vitals, SEO, and accessibility. 

It’s good strategy exemplified & embodied. Eliminates all “would be” middlemen. Replaces costly business subscription services with in-house solutions. Provides an unobstructed path for audience attention and customer currencies to find you without hassle or friction.

It’s what you’re looking for plus what you need. Contains all of the ‘must-haves’ necessary for operating a reliable, reputable, professionally implemented website. Also contains the often overlooked extras you didn’t know to ask about.

It’s the right tool for the job. ‘Autonomy & Agency’ prioritizes your prosperity and your mission – when you’re starting a business, these are the things that matter. ‘Autonomy & Agency’ empowers your content creation business with robust capabilities spanning multiple online revenue streams and does so without a subscription model.

Hi 👋, my name is Rick. I develop and maintain ‘Autonomy V.4’. I created this platform for my own personal use based upon my own principles & values.

If you vibe with my approach and appreciate my values – then, I extend the availability of my self-owned, fully autonomous creator’s platform ‘Autonomy & Agency’ to you. You can find it for purchase and immediate download in my store.

Core Values I believe in:

  • Kick Subscriptions to the curb . You’re the one creating your content – you should keep your revenue. Stop being ‘nickel & dimed’ by platform providing corporations profiting off of your imagination, your time, your effort, and your hard work.
  • Own your online business infrastructure. Your business should be under your control – not held captive in the hands of a corporate entity. Self host on your own web hosting server under your own domain address.

Get to know me and learn about WordPress by watching my WordPress focused YouTube channel.

Early relighting test for a flatly lit green screen source video. Shadows 100% virtual.

What are you dreaming up? What stories and content ignite your passion and enthusiasm? How might my autonomous toolkit help make your dreams a profitable reality?

Autonomous Individuals make for great company.

Write to me (the developer) if you wish to ask questions? Say hello 👋. Or simply send an encouraging message, one friend to another. Tell me about the exciting things you’re working on! Contact methods – bottom right corner.

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