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Autonomy &
Agency v3.8

Personal Creator’s Platform

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What is
‘Autonomy & Agency’?

Membership Content Platform | Donation Acceptance | Merch Store | Newsletter authoring | Push Notification Center | Federated WordPress Instance | Website | Remote Office | CRM | CMS | Hub for your social media accounts | The Platform Fully Owned By You.

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Think of ‘Autonomy & Agency’ as the illegitimate love child of Patreon & Shopify raised on Facebook – who grew up to become rebelliously open source.

Self Hosted | Privately Owned (By You!) | Powered By WordPress

Pay once; own forever. Pay only transaction fees to the processor of your choosing, going forward. 


Creators, if you have 1,000 subscribers sending you $5 / month on Patreon then this platform will enable you to keep an additional $9,406 of the money you are earning every year… year after year.

What Can
‘Autonomy & Agency’
Do For You?

Below is a pricing comparison between available Creator Platform options. Gross and net figures are based upon an active Subscriber base of 1000 subscribers paying $5/month resulting in a Gross Annual Revenue of $60,000.

& Agency
Platform Fees5%None
Payment Processing2.9% + $0.302.9% + $0.30
Currency Conversion2.5%1%
Payout Fees2.9% + 0.30USDNone
Creator Fees8% – 12%None
Total Deducted Fees$18,480$3,948
Net Creator Earnings$41,520$56,052
Platform PurchaseN/A$5,126
Net Annual Income$41,520$50,926
*Taxes not represented (will differ by jurisdiction).

How does
‘Autonomy & Agency’ work?

You’ll own your Platform along with the content you create. You’ll no longer be a player in someone else’s game. Your followers, subscribers, and customers will be stored within a database owned by you.

You’ll connect directly with your fans, followers, and other creators website to website; no middleman. When someone mentions one of your posts on their website – their mention will appear on your post as a comment (which you can reply to). Your replies will appear as inline comments on their website: it’s Web3 Peer-to-Peer conversation made simple!

‘Autonomy & Agency’ is self-hosted (on a web server of your choosing, using your own hosting account, and is accessible via your own domain).

Meta owns Facebook. Musk owns Twitter. You’ll own your personal ‘Autonomy & Agency’!

You’ll gain more capabilities, more freedom, and you’ll pay less in fees. 

what about my alternate text?
Rick Pearson, Developer of Autonomy & Agency

Developer’s Newsletter

Why does
‘Autonomy & Agency’ exist?

‘Autonomy & Agency’ is the brainchild of Rick Pearson: a tech-stack developer who doesn’t feel comfortable with the notion that he cannot own his own platform. 

Rick builds and actively maintains ‘Autonomy & Agency Version 3.8’ in a hopeful effort to discover a practical means of earning his livelihood with authenticity while assisting others to thrive in an authenticity of their own. 

A Creative Mind from early stages of life, by necessity – Rick has always solved problems by way of non-traditional means. His “out-of-the-box thinking” often earns him equal parts praise and derision – often from the same onlookers and depending on the day. 

What measure of creativity Rick possesses he comes by honestly – and he’s good at it.

Language, words, and expression are important (to Rick). He finds vague language to be tumultuous and untrustworthy. Censorship is worth standing up against. And as for corporate-culture, words are the ammunition by which wars are happening all around us. In civilized-culture, words are being used to box us in and limit our potential. Now more than ever seems like a perfect time to begin thriving under our own terms and conditions. Rick develops tools to make the meaningful pursuit of authentic, genuine personal autonomy possible. 

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Autonomy & Agency is a journey; this platform – a toolkit you pick up along the way. 

Website. Paid Content Platform. E-Store.
Donation Hub. Personal Autonomy.

Pay once; own forever. Pay only transaction fees to the processor of your choosing, going forward. 

Meet Your Future.
Meet ‘Autonomy & Agency’

Paid Membership Tiers | Audience Donations | Listener Supported Podcasting 2.0 | Merch Store | On-Site Live Streaming | Newsletters | Push Notifications & more – all fully integrated with an internal CRM.


Auto-share posts to social media accounts (including Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Mastodon, & Pixelfed simultaneously, no extra work).

‘Autonomy & Agency’ is ActivityPub enabled and fully discoverable on all of the latest Decentralized Federated Social Media Platforms (which means you can answer social media replies, comments, and create original new posts on these platforms without leaving your website admin area!).

Create & Maintain KnowledgeBase(s) | Schedule Online Appointments | Gather Reader Article Feedback | Display your entire YouTube Channel on a webpage that you own (you can stop sending your web traffic to YouTube and start sending your YouTube traffic to your own website, where you benefit most.) | Custom Post Types allow you to tailor ‘Autonomy & Agency’ to the needs & tastes of you and your audience.

And because ‘no website is an island’ – Webmentions enable you to connect and engage in back-and-forth web-based discussions with other Webmention-enabled websites! No middle man needed.

Best of all, you can do all of these things from your smartphone or computer, or tablet.

Robust capabilities of ‘Autonomy & Agency’ make it the perfect Privately Owned Platform for Content Creators, Not-For-Profit Organizations, and Web Connected Small Businesses.

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Let’s Meet The Developer!

(Without leaving ‘Autonomy & Agency’!)

Self Own. Self Host.
No Subscriptions.
Fewer Fees.

Born from values.
Built on Principles.
Made for All of Us!

Autonomy & Agency, supporting you on your #selfMade journey. Equipping you and your business for #selfSufficiency.

About The Developer

I’m one part of the Universe discovering itself. On a mission to make something meaningful. Consciousness minded. Nature appreciating.

Creator of the self-hosted, opensource, personal alternative to Patreon & corporate platform capture – you’ll know it by its name: “Autonomy & Agency“.

Writer, Researcher & Game Developer of ‘ABSTRACTION’ – the introspective RPG for a distinctly unique, more meaningful adventure of a lifetime.

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