Creative Generalist

Unity Virtual Production & VR, WordPress 6 Developer, Color Grade Artist for Video & Film.

Working behind a computer; never living behind it!

About Rick Pearson, The Creative Generalist

Varied Interests & Boundless Curiosity

Unity Virtual Production, WordPress 6 Development, & Expressive Color Grading For Film & Video. I like to do a lot.

Creative fulfillment finds me only when my hands and mind are engaged in multiple, synergistic areas of thought and communication.

For much of my life (far too much of it), I tried sticking to ‘just one thing’ like others wished of me; it often resulted in me doing absolutely nothing. I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t productive. I wasn’t who I was meant to be.

That’s all changed. Today, I have my hands & mind fully engaged, happily challenged, and creatively fulfilled!

Virtual Production

Using Unity Game Engine &
Traditional Green Screen.

About Rick Pearson, The Unity Developer

Unity Virtual Production, VR & XR.

Layout & Camera Artist, Compositor, VR/XR Integrations, Lighting Tech Lead, Character Animator, & Visual Scripting Programmer.

Unity encourages me to wear a variety of hats and I love every opportunity to do so!

I’ve always enjoyed a life long affinity for stage & film production because of the community aspect of the art forms. Working within Unity Game Engine as a 3D Generalist opens the door for remote, global creative collaboration in a truly satisfying exponential manner.

I produce my own short films. I’m in the foundational stages of kicking off a mixed-reality YouTube channel. And on occasion, I help progressively thinking businesses gamify their real world operations into the virtual world!

About Rick Pearson, The WordPress Developer

Creating WordPress Websites For Business.

I invest great care in organizing my thoughts and sharing them with others. As such, I personally rely on WordPress as my content publisher of choice.

WordPress is, in my eyes, the right tool for a very important job: communicating to others online.

WordPress fundamentally exists in sync with my values as a Human. It is OpenSource (I reject SaaS & ‘financial capture’ as valid or respectable business models across any dimension). WordPress 6 is feature-rich, robust, & perpetually evolving its relevancy. Even with so many existing feathers tucked into its well-appointed cap, there’s one more important piece of praise I’d like to offer: WordPress 6 is a joy to use!

They say, “You’ll never work a day in your life if you enjoy the software you spend your day with“. I believe them. #TeamWordPress

Optimized WordPress 6
For Businesses.

as well as NPO & Education Entities

Inspiring Customer Confidence
& Impressing Search Engines.

Fully optimized, mobile responsive, WCAG AA Accessibility compliant version of WordPress 6 uniquely available only from me. Learn more here. Or Download it here. Get it instantly upon purchase; no waiting.