Autonomy & Agency v4.1.0


Private Revenue Platform for NFPOs, Creators & Modernly Competitive Web Businesses. Self contained software without monthly paid subscriptions.

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Thrive under your own Terms & Conditions. Cut ties with corporate middlemen.

All the tools you need to launch, grow, and nurture a reputable ‘Audience-First’ business online.

Self contained Creator’s Platform for anyone seeking control over their digital livelihood.

  • Member Tiers to monetize your content.
  • Donation Acceptance to fund your efforts.
  • Merch Store to sell your products.
  • Newsletter Authoring to stay ‘front of mind’.
  • Push Notifications to announce your biggest news.
  • CRM to keep subscribers, customers, and leads organized.
  • CMS to create, schedule, organize, & publish your content.
  • Social Media Syndication to publish to every corner of the web.
  • ActivityPub Enabled to cut ties with corporate capture.
  • Website to put your best informative foot forward.
  • Device Agnostic to create, manage, & engage from anywhere.
  • Open Source to self-modify or hire any developer of your choosing.
  • No Paid Subscriptions to escape being ‘nickel & dimed‘.
  • Buy Once; Own Forever because your business should be truly yours.
  • YouTube Channel Display to host your videos on your platform.
  • YouTube Live Streaming to benefit from audience traffic & dwell time on your website.
  • Podcasting 2.0 for ‘Listener-Support’ without corporate sponsors.


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