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  • 3.9.2024


    Where we work nourishes or depletes us. I’ve lived and worked within environments that have depleted me – today, I’m immensely thankful to be working in a nourishingly natural environment. Today, I’m thankful – incredibly and undoubtedly thankful.

  • Impatience is Impractical

    Impatience is Impractical

    Amazing products go unsold when no one sticks around for the presentation. Your ability to survive on your services disappears when you promote yourself with a blank page. Cached pages for your (WordPress) website aren’t a technical matter – they are a matter of survival. In my search to meet my own personal expectations for…

  • Melancholia At Project’s End

    Melancholia At Project’s End

    My psyche and somatic systems harbor heightened sensitivities in matters of closure. Today, marks the end of…

  • Winding Down The Evening With WordPress.

    Winding Down The Evening With WordPress.

    Now that I’m rounding off the rough edges to my WordPress workflow – I’m emerging on a new satisfaction in maintaining a personal online presence outside of corporate owned platforms.

  • Adding Reddit To Sharing (beta)

    Adding Reddit To Sharing (beta)

    Change Log:-Reddit-LinkedIn (Alternative share)-Facebook #culture

  • Fediverse #Introduction

    Fediverse #Introduction

    I’m a #consciousness minded #Developer intent on creating #software connecting us with our Human experience. Details in link or below!

  • Sunday Diagnostic day

    Sunday Diagnostic day

    Diligent yet restful.

  • Life With Extra Steps (Thanks Anxiety)

    Life With Extra Steps (Thanks Anxiety)

    So much over-engineering born of never feeling worthy enough. I have to do more. I have to push the boulder higher up a larger hill. “Acceptable isn’t acceptable at all and perfect is only a beginning.” Such lies our own mind tells us. The programming received from people who were never going to accept our…

  • Share On Pixelfed Gets Update ???? !!

    Share On Pixelfed Gets Update ???? !!

    I feared the “Share On Pixelfed” plugin for WordPress was not receiving the same attention that its sibling plugin “Share On Mastodon” was getting. Then, to my surprise… Plugin author @[email protected] releases update 0.9.0 for Share On Pixelfed. This update transforms the plugin from non-working to seemlessly working out of the box with WordPress 6.3.2…

  • A Grateful Moment With WordPress

    A Grateful Moment With WordPress

    Thank you for enabling such a beautiful office, today. I’m grateful. #Shoutout to #WooCommerce and to a slew of #indieweb #WebDev #OpenSource #Developers around the world. I’m REALLY #grateful for what I’m able to create as I stand on the shoulders of giants! I’ve worked incredibly hard to achieve these core web vital scores from…