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  • Starbucks Subtext

    Starbucks Subtext

    Order Ahead: No loitering (even with intent to purchase). Pick up and go: Leave with product immediately. (You aren’t welcome here; you were never welcome here. All we want is your money.) #culture #society #community #subtext #psychology #perception #observation #insight #starbucks #coffee #consumerism #corporateCulture #copywriting

  • Social Engagement or Social Worship?

    Social Engagement or Social Worship?

    Words inspire insight in the minds of readers. Anyone in the habit of removing amicable engagement falling not into the category of ‘direct praise’ or agreement seek not social engagement but unquestioning worship.

  • Rest Is Work (Worth Tending To, A Note To Self)

    Rest Is Work (Worth Tending To, A Note To Self)

    I did not anticipate rest to be so much work. Feeling appreciative for (and yet mildly resistant to) holding myself to the “commitment” of a self-prescribed four day weekend here at the end of a long platform development cycle. With rest comes rejuvenation (a renewed wellspring of focus, passion, and enthusiasm toward attainment of aim…

  • Melancholia At Project’s End

    Melancholia At Project’s End

    My psyche and somatic systems harbor heightened sensitivities in matters of closure. Today, marks the end of…