Rest Is Work (Worth Tending To, A Note To Self)


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I did not anticipate rest to be so much work.

Feeling appreciative for (and yet mildly resistant to) holding myself to the “commitment” of a self-prescribed four day weekend here at the end of a long platform development cycle.

With rest comes rejuvenation (a renewed wellspring of focus, passion, and enthusiasm toward attainment of aim and goal).

I know this, even so… I find myself needing to remember this.

Perhaps the struggle for self care in a culture bent on self destruction is real.

I don’t mean to turn sour, I simply wonder at what I perceive myself to notice.

Perhaps our culture of self destruction is a fruiting tree born from the seed of our collective’s inability to self-assess and diagnose the needs of humanity at the level of the individual.

And much like a tree, our branches of our lives drop our inadequacies onto the grounds around us in a 360 radius.

Before our parents or their parents recognized it, maybe culture wqs already well onto becoming a self-propagating forest of unhealthy trees composing an unhealthy forest.

Perhaps we lack discipline. Not externally enforced discipline but internally cultivated, exercised, confidently articulate discipline.

I can only speak for myself, though today I recognize within me what I’ve long perceived and rejected in others – a failure to see the forest for the trees.

Today I rest and today I choose to judge others less harshly, I will however continue to ‘cheerlead’ and hope for all of us to do better.


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