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  • Social Engagement or Social Worship?

    Social Engagement or Social Worship?

    Words inspire insight in the minds of readers. Anyone in the habit of removing amicable engagement falling not into the category of ‘direct praise’ or agreement seek not social engagement but unquestioning worship.

  • The “What” of Work Is Never The “Why”.

    The “What” of Work Is Never The “Why”.

    To teach compartmentalization and isolation; to prioritize the “what“ of work without regard for the “why” of work and “where“ such work slots into the bigger human experience – is to void lives of meaningful connections to a sense of community and contribution. We betray our expectations for team players when we obfuscate team missions…

  • Usually, As An Excuse

    Usually, As An Excuse

    Usually is not always. Usually is not consistency. Usually is a floating boat with a hole in the hull for open and willing eyes to see. #philosophy #society #Culture #quote

  • Pete Holmes: Zoom Out!

    Pete Holmes: Zoom Out!

    Wow! Comedy intersecting with higher order perspectives!? More please! #comedy #perspective #philosophy #society #culture #indieWeb #standUp

  • Resentment Is A Foul Water Leeching Into The Soil of The Soul.

    Resentment Is A Foul Water Leeching Into The Soil of The Soul.

    Resentment is a foul water leaching into the soil of the soul. It originates in the suppression of authenticity, self-imposed or otherwise. Feelings of resentment often result from the inadequate expression of emotions after a painful experience. Be mindful; scan the horizon of your past and face the obstacle that separates you from you. Do…

  • Create Your Own Roadshow.

    Create Your Own Roadshow.

    Video – “Where you are now is the most immediate sector of your universe.” Will you expend your energies on behalf of somebody else or will you adopt the responsibility of your existence and pursue that which your deepest self cries out for. One of these futures will happen. Which do you choose for yourself…