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  • 3.9.2024


    Where we work nourishes or depletes us. I’ve lived and worked within environments that have depleted me – today, I’m immensely thankful to be working in a nourishingly natural environment. Today, I’m thankful – incredibly and undoubtedly thankful.

  • The “What” of Work Is Never The “Why”.

    The “What” of Work Is Never The “Why”.

    To teach compartmentalization and isolation; to prioritize the “what“ of work without regard for the “why” of work and “where“ such work slots into the bigger human experience – is to void lives of meaningful connections to a sense of community and contribution. We betray our expectations for team players when we obfuscate team missions…

  • Rest Is Work (Worth Tending To, A Note To Self)

    Rest Is Work (Worth Tending To, A Note To Self)

    I did not anticipate rest to be so much work. Feeling appreciative for (and yet mildly resistant to) holding myself to the “commitment” of a self-prescribed four day weekend here at the end of a long platform development cycle. With rest comes rejuvenation (a renewed wellspring of focus, passion, and enthusiasm toward attainment of aim…

  • Melancholia At Project’s End

    Melancholia At Project’s End

    My psyche and somatic systems harbor heightened sensitivities in matters of closure. Today, marks the end of…

  • Fediverse #Introduction

    Fediverse #Introduction

    I’m a #consciousness minded #Developer intent on creating #software connecting us with our Human experience. Details in link or below!