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  • How Miyamoto Musashi Faced & Conquered Anxiety

    How Miyamoto Musashi Faced & Conquered Anxiety

    Samurai & philosopher. Master of sword. Conquerer of an enemy we all face in our own lives. Learn how Musashi faced anxiety & benefit in your own battles.

  • Test of Psychological Maturedness

    Test of Psychological Maturedness

    The “Triple A’s” for psychological maturity, how do you handle anxiety, ambiguity, ambivalence?

  • Kristen Bell on Living with Depression and Anxiety | Body Stories
  • Rest Is Work (Worth Tending To, A Note To Self)

    Rest Is Work (Worth Tending To, A Note To Self)

    I did not anticipate rest to be so much work. Feeling appreciative for (and yet mildly resistant to) holding myself to the “commitment” of a self-prescribed four day weekend here at the end of a long platform development cycle. With rest comes rejuvenation (a renewed wellspring of focus, passion, and enthusiasm toward attainment of aim…

  • Melancholia At Project’s End

    Melancholia At Project’s End

    My psyche and somatic systems harbor heightened sensitivities in matters of closure. Today, marks the end of…

  • Resentment Is A Foul Water Leeching Into The Soil of The Soul.

    Resentment Is A Foul Water Leeching Into The Soil of The Soul.

    Resentment is a foul water leaching into the soil of the soul. It originates in the suppression of authenticity, self-imposed or otherwise. Feelings of resentment often result from the inadequate expression of emotions after a painful experience. Be mindful; scan the horizon of your past and face the obstacle that separates you from you. Do…

  • Pleasing Page Performance!

    Pleasing Page Performance!

    I’ve learned the hard way, just as you have, that a well written article with high-quality SEO will often come in second place to an equally well written article also possessing carefully implemented and highly performant Web Core Vital Scores. It wasn’t an easy task, but I’ve done it! I’m celebrating a victory for myself.…

  • Create Your Own Roadshow.

    Create Your Own Roadshow.

    Video – “Where you are now is the most immediate sector of your universe.” Will you expend your energies on behalf of somebody else or will you adopt the responsibility of your existence and pursue that which your deepest self cries out for. One of these futures will happen. Which do you choose for yourself…

  • Golden Forest, Today’s Office

    Golden Forest, Today’s Office

    Hiking & working today from a golden forest in bloom, full of nut gathering squirrels and trail racing rabbits. #wordpress #OfficeDecor #buildinpublic #selfpublishing #selfcare #selfhosted #startups #RemoteWork #work #mentalhealth