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Independent GTMetrix Audit

I’ve learned the hard way, just as you have, that a well written article with high-quality SEO will often come in second place to an equally well written article also possessing carefully implemented and highly performant Web Core Vital Scores.

It wasn’t an easy task, but I’ve done it!

Google Lighthouse Mobile Audit

I’m celebrating a victory for myself.

I’ve created a highly capable personal web platform brimming with robust functionality… AND (here’s the kicker!) – I’ve managed to make my webpages fast loading as well as worthy of enviable Core Web Vital Scores.

Google Lighthouse Desktop Audit

Now comes the hard part.

Saying something worthy of hearing.

What will I put out into the world with my new found personal Autonomy & Agency? I have a few ideas, and they are focused on improving life for others and for you in addition to improving life for myself.

Please join me on this journey ; it’s only just beginning.

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I look forward to connecting with you! Thank you for welcoming me into the #indieWeb!


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