Those Long Winded Articles Are Getting Long In The Tooth


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If an article doesn’t know where the relevant story begins for a reader – it just may be that the people behind it don’t know much of anything at all.

Readers at their terminals. Begging for a brief answer to their questions.

Let’s say you’re researching the finer points of a workflow employed in your life – and every article insists on starting at the beginning… the very beginning: explaining the concept of the workflow, when it was first introduced, and the benefits of employing such a workflow.

If you did not already know these things – you would not be asking the intermediate to advanced questions you’re asking.

Your time is being wasted and you feel it every time you click a link. Sometimes it’s easier and more satisfying to click the back button than it is to scroll down for an answer.

If a writer is disrespecting and gaming your time in a fool’s errand to increase their web authority – their efforts are entirely self-serving and self-defeating (I’m not speaking as a web dev; I’m speaking as a user).

I’ve never been ‘pleasantly surprised’ by this long-winded tactic. Such an organization isn’t going to respect your time with a satisfyingly worthwhile answer when the reading and the scrolling are done.

If an article doesn’t know where the relevant story begins -the people behind it don’t know anything at all.

Lets all respect one another – and it begins with time.


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